At what temperature should towels be washed to keep them soft? Do not exceed this threshold

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Regular maintenance of towels is essential. However, the latter should be given special attention during washing. Improper products or temperature can make bath sheets and terry towels stunted. It is possible to restore its former smoothness with these tips.

What is the best temperature for washing towels?

If you want to keep towels clean and soft, start by setting the washing machine to the correct temperature before each wash cycle.

  • Choose to wash the towels at 40°C

washing machine temperature

Washing machine temperature – Source: spm

As a general rule, high temperature washing and drying helps kill bacteria. However, this can damage the fabric fibers and cause your towels to lose their softness. then, Instead of targeting very high temperatures, choose a Wash at 40°C. This type of washing is economical as well as being suitable for towels. Note that drying can also have a negative effect on fabric fibers. A slow drying cycle at a lower temperature is then recommended. By doing this, your towels will remain soft and fluffy.

Other tips for keeping towels soft

In addition to adjusting the temperature, other tips can be adopted for more comfortable and softer towels. It is based on the use of 100% natural ingredients. Here are some examples.

  • Wash the towels with baking soda

Baking soda in the detergent dispenser

Baking soda in the washroom – Source: spm

The first trick to follow is to use baking soda. This multi-faceted product can really deodorize, revive color and Soften laundry. By removing the limestone that settles on the fabric fibers, the towels become more resilient. A tablespoon in the washing machine tray plus your usual detergent is enough to give your towels a second life.

  • Wash the towels with white vinegar

White vinegar can also be used as a fabric softener for white towels or bath towels. Thanks to its anti-limestone action, it not only has the ability to eliminate unpleasant moisture odors, but also keeps towels soft. To do this, replace the fabric softener with two tablespoons of a solution of water and white vinegar. You can add an essential oil of your choice to scent your bath sheets naturally without chemicals.

Few steps to adopt for soft and silky towels

folded wipes

Folded wipes – Source: spm

In addition to adjusting the temperature, other simple and practical measures can be taken to maintain the softness of the towels. first of all, Remember to wash towels and sheets separately. Mixing it with jeans, T-shirts, etc. can cause chafing during the washing machine. Also avoid overloading the machine as this may similarly damage the fibres. Finally, the amount of detergent must be adapted. Product deposits can already build up on the laundry and compromise the effectiveness of the rinse. This results in towels that are rough and unpleasant to the touch.

As you understand, the proper maintenance of towels depends on the temperature but also on the products used during washing. Do not hesitate to follow these tips to extend the life of its luster and softness.

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