10 Unknown Tricks With Aluminum Foil: It Can Save You Time And Money

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If today we tend to limit the use of aluminum foil in the kitchen, it is still an absolutely must-have material in the home because it has multiple uses. We give you all the tips you don’t doubt…

5 tips for using aluminum foil at home

Sharpen the scissors with aluminum foil

Sharpening scissors with aluminum foil – Source: spm

Aluminum foil is not only used in the packaging of your food products, it has many uses that no one knows about.

1- sharpening the scissors : Your scissors no longer cut well, don’t panic! All you have to do is take a sheet of aluminum, fold it in four and cut it with scissors several times. They will regain all their edges.

2- Cleaning dishes and pans Burnt food scraps stuck to the bottom of dishes and pans or on barbecue grills? Take a piece of aluminum foil and roll it into a ball to rub. This abrasive paper ball has the same use as steel wool and will help you scrub everything. Warning: Do not use on delicate dishes.

3- Make ironing easier : You probably don’t know it, but placing a sheet of aluminum foil under the cover of your ironing board will spread the heat of the iron to the back of the garment. So you can iron both sides at the same time, what a time saver!

4- Polishing silverware : Cover the container with aluminum foil, fill it with cold water and pour in it two teaspoons of coarse salt. Put your silverware in it, let it work for a few minutes and watch the magic or rather the alchemy work! All you have to do is shine with a soft cloth. It also works for your jewelry.

5- Improve Wi-Fi penetration : Having trouble getting a WiFi signal? It is possible that your Internet box is badly placed in a corner or against a wall. To broadcast the signal better, take a piece of cardboard, cover it with aluminum foil and place it behind your router, and you’re done!

Improve wifi signal with aluminum foil

Optimizing wifi signal with aluminum foil – Source: spm

5 tips for using aluminum foil in the garden

Thanks to its heating and reflective properties, aluminum foil is also an excellent ally in the garden. Let’s see what it can do for you:

1- Protect plants from pests : Snails or rodents sometimes come to devour your farms. To prevent this, wrap a piece of household aluminum foil around the base of plants or the stem of shrubs. This little shield flexes the boldest of them all without having to resort to chemicals.

Protect plants with aluminum foil

Protecting plants with aluminum foil – Source: spm

2- Keep away the birds A few pieces of aluminum in tree branches or hung near the vegetable garden and birds won’t dare come and devour your seeds.

3- Accelerate the germination of your seedlings : Lay the box with aluminum foil, leave the tin foil 5 cm on both sides (the shiny side is outside). Apply potting soil and plant your seeds, making sure that you have dug holes in the bottom for drainage and irrigation. With its ability to absorb heat and reflect light, aluminum will give your farms a head start.

4- Improved exterior lighting Your patio or porch is a little dark even after lighting? This is a simple trick. Put a sheet of aluminum foil behind your light bulbs as a reflector, and it will improve the capacity of your light fixtures.

5- Maintain your garden equipment: pTo get rid of rust on tools or mowers, take a sheet of aluminum foil, fold it and dip it in Coke and use it to scrub the rusty metal parts. This technique works specifically on chrome.

Now that you know all this, you’ll never look at aluminum foil the same way, and you won’t be able to live without it. Up your lists!

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