Windshield scratched? The magic trick to fix it in no time

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Scratches on the windshield are never by chance. These small, almost invisible scratches are caused by changing weather conditions, gravel flying on the road, or dirty and damaged wiper blades. Fortunately, there is a simple and practical way to fix it. Note that changing this accessory is inevitable when it comes to a deep cleavage.

What is this miracle product that removes scratches on windshields?

Finding scratches on the windshield is an uncomfortable and alarming situation for vehicle owners. In fact, the replacement price can be quite expensive and exceed 500 euros, when the windshield is equipped with a rain detection system or cruise control. Of course, this step is not systematic and can be avoided thanks to a safe and effective trick.

Toothpaste, a miracle product for car windshield

Toothpaste tube

Toothpaste tube – Source: spm

Do you know ? Toothpaste may be the answer to repairing your car’s windshield. Since it is particularly fragile, this glass accessory should be handled with the greatest care. Before you begin, clean the windshield and then dry the surface with a clean cloth, making sure no traces are left. Then take a soft cloth soak in toothpaste. Then scrub the scratched windshield surface in gentle circular motions. It is possible to mix the paste with baking soda to increase efficiency.

Other practical tips for wiping scratches on the windshield

In addition to toothpaste, there are other miracle solutions that can effectively remove any superficial marks on your windshield. Whatever trick is adopted, the movements must be performed meticulously so as not to damage this fragile accessory.

Treat windshields with cigarette ash

Cigarette butts in ashtray

Cigarette butts in an ashtray – Source: spm

To do this, it is necessary to follow the following steps. Take a clean, soft cloth from your kitchen cupboard first. Submerge it in a basin of water and then wrap it in a tampon before sprinkled with ashes. Using circular motions, gently wipe the surface of the windshield and then rinse for a guaranteed result!

Use Meudon white to remove scratches on the windshield

The second trick is to use white Meudon to remove scratches on the windshield. Run a cloth impregnated with this white powder over the scratched area. This natural product derived from chalk is essential for cleaning glass, glaze, and even marble. Since it is non-abrasive, it removes traces of scratches and makes windshields shine.

Clean the windshield with glass wool

Fiber glass

Fiberglass – Source: spm

To remove surface scratches, there is another simple trick to achieve this. Just use glass wool and gently pat on the affected areas. It is a great alternative to removing scratches from glass surfaces Like car windshields and windshields.

How to prevent the appearance of scratches on the windshield?

broken windshield

Broken windshield – Source: spm

Although most of the time they happen due to bad weather or random conditions, scratches on windshield can be avoided by taking preventative measures on a daily basis. And therefore , It is recommended to respect the safety distances on highways or duplexes in order to reduce the risk of flying gravel. In addition, it is necessary to regularly inspect the windshield for any traces of scratches. It’s identified in time, and can be treated before it ends up getting worse.

Windshield scratches can blur the driver’s vision and generate significant financial costs. That is why proper care must be taken in time to minimize damage and avoid glass replacement.

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