Why should you put a sugar cube in flower vases? The magic trick of florists

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There are many tips for maintaining flowers in pots or vases. Some require the use of certain products sold in the market, while others recommend the use of everyday products that you can find in your kitchen cabinets.

What is the trick that allows you to preserve cut flowers?

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When you receive flowers, the first instinct is to put them in a vase filled with water. But this is not the only gesture to be made for the well-being of your cut flowers. If they are not fed properly, they will quickly wither. Flowers, like any living creature, They need nutrients to ensure their survival and development. Moreover, it is essential that the water in the pot in which it grows is clean. Dirt and impurities that may be there can ruin your flowers. Find out how to preserve your beautiful flowers with this simple and natural tip.

  • Preserve cut flowers with sugar


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For this trick, sugar is an important ingredient for extending the life of flowers, recalls Thibaut Labai, a Paris florist. This is it A product of natural origin and highly effective. Pour one or two teaspoons of granulated sugar or two or three lump sugars into the vase. The sugar will bring many nutrients to your flowers that you no longer receive when cut back. We will appreciate your flowers.

Discover other tips to preserve and nourish cut flowers naturally


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Your cut flowers should be moist and well watered. Even if they need a lot or a little water, those need it to survive. More so, when temperatures are as high as summer. To better absorb water, be sure to Cut the beveled stems about 2 cm. To moisten them evenly, take a spray bottle that you fill with water with which you will water your flowers. In fact, this water should be changed every two days to provide the flowers with the hydration needed for proper growth. Water isn’t the only factor you should consider if your flowers are in a vase. Exposure to sunlight and heat can affect its development. Avoid direct exposure to the sun. Here are some other natural tips for caring for and nourishing cut flowers.

  • Preserve cut flowers with vinegar

Useful in many situations, vinegar, with its many virtues, has always been a part of your daily life. In the kitchen, for cleaning or for making furniture shine, vinegar is an exceptional ally to use every day. In a vase in which you will put your flowers, pour, for each liter of water, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar, 1 tablespoon of powdered sugar and 2 to 3 drops of bleach. The vinegar will keep the water fresh and the vase clean in the meantime The sugar will nourish the flowers and the bleach will kill the bacteria.

  • Preserve cut flowers with soda

Don’t want lemon soda anymore? Your flowers will definitely like it. The sugar in soda will nourish the flower stalks While its acidity will lower the pH of the water.

Flowers require a regular supply of water and nutrients of natural origin. This is why it’s important to watch for signs of drying out and get rid of faded flowers that could contaminate the rest of the vase.

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