Why is it not recommended to put the washing machine in the bathroom?

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Why is it not recommended to keep the washing machine in the bathroom?

Washing machine in the kitchen

Washing machine in the kitchen – Source: spm

In many homes, the washing machine is placed in the kitchen or in the hallway. But from an aesthetic point of view and because of the noise, many people prefer to install their laundry room in a discreet corner of the bathroom. Unfortunately, this is not the best option. why ? Simply because the humidity in this room is always high, which not only promotes the development of fungal bacteria in the device, but also affects the parts of the device. This is because exposure to moisture corrodes the delicate parts of the washer and ultimately reduces its longevity.

Not to mention that the washing machine door has to be left open every so often and the detergent drawer has to be emptied and dried after every wash. Therefore, it is recommended that you place your device in a well-ventilated place. If there is a window in the bathroom, then this is a big plus, but if there is no window, then you need to install a hood or give preference to another location.

In addition, it is not recommended to take a shower or bath while the machine is in operation, as you risk getting an electric shock. The same way you don’t use a hair dryer in the shower when the humidity is in full swing.

Finally, the best place to install a washing machine is the kitchen. Humidity is much lower there and often well ventilated. Of course, we avoid putting it under the oven, because the heat is also inappropriate!

What if there is no place elsewhere?

Washing machine in the bathroom

Washing machine in the bathroom – Source: spm

Your bathroom is big enough and is the only place you can install a washing machine? In this case, for your own safety and for the preservation of both your machine and your laundry, you should definitely take certain precautions.

To install certain electrical appliances in wet areas, there are standards that must be followed:

  • Please note that the washing machine drain hose is 1.5m in length. Therefore it should be installed as close to the sink as possible, so that it can also reach the drain. In addition, the power cable is 1.5 meters long, which means that there should be a power outlet nearby. Warning: An extension cord should not be used as it may cause a short circuit.
  • Be sure to position the machine at least 60 cm from the edge of the bath or shower.
  • It is also necessary to plan to install a wall to prevent water droplets from falling on the device. In particular, you can choose the shelves on top of the machine that will serve as decor and will help to install it correctly.
  • Since the washing machine door must remain open for a period of time after the wash cycle, you must leave room for it in the bathroom. The best option would be to prefer a machine with a vertical load. But first of all, avoid placing it on the wall (5 to 10 cm away).
  • In order for it to be stable and not move during washing, it is sometimes necessary to have some special tools to prevent the machine from tipping over. Some models have feet that can be detached. So you can put, for example, a rubber mat under the machine.
  • To connect your washing machine safely and to the bathroom electrical installation standards, feel free to contact the expertise of a specialist.

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