Why are trees painted white? There is a very good reason

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What should trees be protected from in summer?

White painted trees

Trees painted white – Source: spm

There are several reasons to paint trees white. Just as we need sunscreen to protect our skin during the summer, trees also need protection from the heat and intensity of the sun’s rays. In summer, intense sunlight can damage young trees or species with thin bark. Pests and fungi can also penetrate the cracks that develop in the tree over the years. Thus, it becomes more susceptible to diseases and fungal attacks.
At the mercy of the sun and pests, the trees suffer. To protect them, it was decided to use this white paint, which therefore acts as a sunscreen. It is essentially a protective layer that helps maintain the elasticity of the tree’s cortical tissue to prevent heat damage and thus prevent pests from entering through the cracks.

But why choose white? Quite simply because this color reflects the sun’s rays, thus protecting the bark from overheating. In addition, this white paint is very resistant and does not fade until after several years. In addition, it is also nutritious as it is rich in trace elements and clay minerals.

And in the winter?

During the winter period, trees must be protected above all from extreme temperature fluctuations. Thus they experience a sudden dip during the night and a warmth during the day. These temperature changes quickly end up damaging them.

Moreover, trees also suffer from frostbite caused by the effect of frost. Water that freezes between the walls will form ice crystals that damage the roots. Warming up again, the water dissolves and immerses the roots: this is what causes the appearance of cracks that attract parasites. Thus this temperature difference leads to various adverse effects. As one specialist explains: In winter, heating on one side (the south face) results in an extreme temperature gradient compared to the cold, uncovered back face (the north face). This strong temperature gradient causes cracks in the trunk, causing severe damage to the tree. »

NB : Another advantage of white paint is that hungry animals, such as rabbits, no longer gnaw the bark at the end of winter, because the white paint has a bitter taste which delays it.

What did you paint the trees with?

Rest assured, this white paint is completely eco-friendly and non-toxic. It’s just lime and herbal boosters. Commercially, you can usually find it as a coating to protect trees. In addition to the white color that reflects the sun, lime is antibacterial, so it can protect the tree from various infections. As a bonus, they are suitable for soil nutrition. Moreover, when it rains, it gradually fades from the tree and seeps into the ground. When lime is too acidic, it can achieve a higher pH in the root zone, which leads to better growing conditions.

Why are the trees along the road mainly drawn?

In the forest, trees are clustered next to each other, so they shade each other. However, the trees of towns and villages adjacent to the road do not benefit from the same protection. Not to mention they are already exposed to pollution from heavy traffic, but also to strong thermal radiation from stones and paving surfaces as well as reflections from glass surfaces. Suffice it to say that young trees are highly susceptible as well as most street trees lack planting which may have a shading effect on the trunk.

Can trees in the garden be painted white?

Tree bark in white

Tree bark in white – Source: spm

It is already possible to draw trees in your own garden, preferably young fruit trees. These are generally the most susceptible to external damage due to their thin bark.

How do I do it? The color is applied to the trunk and lower main branches. The tree must first be cleaned of pieces of bark, and thicker branches can be treated with a brush. Because it is easier to apply paint on smooth surfaces. Generally, you won’t need to pre-treat the bark of young trees, as it is still nice and smooth.

You can use a standard brush to apply white paint. However, if it rains there, it is better to wait before starting the process. Ideally, the bark should be completely dry.

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