WhatsApp: How to hide your profile picture from an unwanted contact? Just click on this button

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To improve your experience on the Meta app, WhatsApp has developed several options to facilitate exchanges with your contacts. Thus it is possible to keep your account confidential and to adapt the settings to your needs. Learn how to hide your profile picture from one of your contacts without using another app.

How to hide your profile picture from certain contacts on WhatsApp?

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WhatsApp – Source: spm

With social networks, privacy can quickly become public by sharing a lot of personal information on certain apps. If you want Keep some information confidential that you do not want to disclose In the instant messaging app, WhatsApp lets you do that. For example, sometimes it can be embarrassing for some of your contacts to see your profile picture, here’s how not to show it to certain contacts on WhatsApp.

  • Change your privacy settings on WhatsApp

To hide your WhatsApp profile picture from any of your contacts, you can follow these few steps On Android and iOS mobile phones. If you own an iPhone, go to your mobile settings, then to “Account”, then “Privacy”, “Profile picture” and select “My contacts except” and you can choose the contacts for whom you want to hide your profile picture. For owners of Android smartphones, you can also go to the settings of the WhatsApp application. Tap the three vertical dots on the top right of your device and tap Settings, Account, Privacy and go to the Profile Picture menu. Select the option “Except my contacts” and do the same processing as in iOS.

Learn how to hide your WhatsApp profile picture from all your contacts

WhatsApp app

WhatsApp – Source: spm

If you want to keep your privacy on WhatsApp, You can hide your account profile picture from all your contacts. It happens, in fact, that you don’t want to show your face on social networks and for that, follow these steps. On the iPhone, go back to the WhatsApp settings, then to “Account”, then “Privacy”, “Profile photo” and select “Person”. On Android phones, go to “Settings,” then “Account,” go to “Privacy,” then “Profile Picture,” then choose “Person.” You will be able to keep your profile picture privately safe from all your contacts on the instant messaging app.

New features appeared on WhatsApp to keep your privacy

The app introduces new features that will be rolled out gradually to ensure the privacy of its users. It will now be possible to leave a group on WhatsApp without the chat contacts knowing. Only the group admin will be notified of this exit. Soon, it will also be possible to hide the “Online” status directly in the application settings. The same applies to displaying the last contact time on chats with your contacts. The user will be able to choose which contacts will be able to see his activity or if he wishes, he may not share this information.

WhatsApp is always innovating its app by releasing new features regularly so that its users have an enjoyable experience on the app.

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