The ‘world’s most beautiful twins’ are now 12 years old: what do they look like today?

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It is sometimes difficult to get rid of a nickname or nickname, especially when it is assigned from birth. Here is the story “The Most Beautiful Twins in the World”.

These twins became supermodels even before they took their first steps!

It’s an unusual story, one that rarely happens. In fact, fate Leah Rose And the Ava Marie Clements Changed from the first months of their birth. In fact, in order to show her happiness of becoming a mother, their mother, Jackie Clements, decided to post some pictures of two adorable little girls. As a result, the internet went wild and few photos of these little angels with blonde hair, blue eyes and naturally dark skin went viral. And this was not without consequences, because these two young girls from Los Angeles quickly inherited the nickname: “The most beautiful twins in the world.” The star did not go unnoticed and opened the doors of modeling for them from the age of 6 months. proof – proof, They already have 150,000 followers at this age.

The Clements sisters side by side

Sisters Clements side by side – Source: spm

Still, supermodels and social media stars, today

Far from being upset by this notoriety that has continued to grow over the years, Leah Rose and Ava Marie O’ Clements twins » As we like to call themAt the age of seven, they saw their career take off, taking the modeling world and Instagram by storm.

So it is no coincidence that the twin series partnerships, shooting and advertising campaigns, which at the same time, are far from the dismay of the two sisters. Obviously, success is always there. This did not prevent their mother, Geki, from ensuring a “normal life”, receiving an ordinary education and education. On the flip side, the two little girls didn’t stop soliciting several brands through the chain of contracts. Increasingly professional shoots just for her To advance binoculars to icon rank. And to better illustrate this success and this enthusiasm, number: 1.8 million, as the number of subscribers to their official Instagram account today. So we can find there, behind the scenes of their photo shoots, their commercial collaborations, their travels and vacations, their encounters with other stars or simply their daily life as a kid. You can also find the endoscope at The YouTube channel that the whole family sharesClements Crowe. An opportunity to follow the adventures and adventures of the whole family.

Clements sisters posing

Sisters Clements posing – Source: spm

It’s not easy being a little star and putting up with it

Even with a huge following and all the perks that stardom can bring, the Clements twins Don’t run away from Negative comments and trolls, and in particular their mother, Geki, who was criticized for much. In particular, the fact that her two daughters look sad in many of the photos that she posts on social networks.

Ava and Leah in 2022

Ava and Leah in 2022 – Source: spm

feedback that The question about the star status that some children might enjoy. A situation that hasn’t stopped some child stars from looking bad, like Macaulay Culkin, Kevin McAllister’s memorable translator on “Mom, I Missed the Plane” who then didn’t know he was running his planetary glory, through a series of setbacks during his youth.

The shooting of Ava and Leia in 2022

Ava and Leah shooting in 2022 – Source: spm

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