The seat belt tongue’s secret function: all drivers go in and the reason is great!

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No one is curious about the basic function of a seat belt. But be aware that seat belts actually hide a job that prides itself on being somewhat practical. This peculiarity lies in the tongue of the belt. Let’s find out.

seat belt tongue

Seat belt tongue – Source: spm

What is the secret function of the seat belt tongue?

If you’re one of the people who never suspected that a seat belt concealed an unusual job, chances are you’re no longer giving up on your elective job.. Concealed use in the tab slot where you can screw the bottles through And without any effort.

No matter its thickness, shape, and ring, the tab should do the trick for opening your bottle. So you must do it precisely with the edge of the ring until the capsule has burst.

glass bottles

Bottles – Source: spm

While the ways to open bottles are many, we don’t always have the necessary tools at our disposal. Sometimes the simplest things are always out of reach. But for some reason to remember The tongue of the seat belt is like a bottle opener It can save many quality moments. This is especially the case during the summer months when traveling in hot weather. Under these circumstances, this great bottle opener will always prove to be an excellent convenience. Also learn how to easily open an airtight container. Many tips.

What other amazing technology, other than the tongue of the seat belt, to open a glass bottle?

If you don’t have a bottle opener or you’re too far from your car to open the bottle, don’t bother, remember these very simple methods below:

glass bottle

Glass bottle – Source: spm

Seat Belt Tongue #1 Alternative: Another Glass Bottle

If you have another glass bottle, use its cap to squeeze the cap of the bottle you want to open. I still need to know The risk of opening them and pouring them everywhere cannot be ruled out.

Seatbelt Flange No. 2 Replacement: Classic Lighter


Lighter – Source: spm

This is perhaps one of the most popular techniques because it is so easy. You will only need p lighterTo unscrew your bottle cap To do this, choose a lighter angle and shoot to detonate the capsule.

Seatbelt Tongue No. 3 Alternative: Wedding Ring

By taking the trouble of doing this with precision, you can perfectly open your bottle with your wedding ring. In fact, In general, alliances have a convenient form To serve as a bottle opener. Whether it is a ring, a ring or a ring, you simply have to put your hand on the cork and then pull towards you after closing the ring under the edge of the cork. By tilting your hand back, you will remove it easily. If you feel that the process is about to harm you, stop everything and move on to the remaining tips. We will also avoid using a silver or gold ring as it is likely to tarnish while trying on.

Seatbelt tongue number 4 replacement: teaspoon

Another equally simple technique that asks you to use a teaspoon, this common utensil. With this trick, you will not find it difficult to open any glass bottle. To do this, use the flat end of the spoon as a lever. You can also do the same with a fork, but extra vigilance is required.

Remember that such simple and practical tips can really make your life easier!

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