Put salt under your bed: it’s the magic solution to a problem we all face

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In rainy and cold weather, it is difficult to heat the interior. Check out this amazing hack that lets you say goodbye to moisture.

What causes mold and dampness in your home?

man shocked by mold

Man shocked by mold – Source: spm

Mold is a nearly ubiquitous fungus that grows in organic matter such as soil, plant matter, and food. Air, water, or insects spread the spores that mold produces for reproduction. When the habitat harbors moisture, it creates the ideal conditions for new mold growth.

moisture on the window

Humidity on the window – Source: spm

Moisture indoors generally causes mold spots on walls, peeling paint, and a musty smell. The main causes of this damage are:

  • Flood
  • Pipe drainage and leakage problem
  • Leaks on the surface
  • Steam from the bathroom or kitchen
  • Dry wet clothes indoors or a working dryer
  • wet cellar
  • Condensation caused by insufficient or inadequate ventilation or poor insulation

How do you get rid of moisture in your home with coarse salt?

coarse salt

coarse salt – source: spm

Coarse salt, known for its absorbent properties, helps fight moisture by reducing the moisture rate.

Coarse salt as a remedy for dampness in your room:

In your bedroom or any other room of the house, take a container that is closed with a very fine mesh (such as a mosquito net) that you can secure with a rubber band. Then cover it with coarse salt. This will function as a dehumidifier that you can place at a strategic point in the room to remove moisture. The job of the salt is to capture the excess moisture by letting it drip into the container, which must be emptied regularly. You can also replace the salt as needed.

Coarse salt is also used against moisture from large surfaces:

If you have a lot of space to remove moisture, you can put coarse salt traps in plastic containers or paper bags, distributing them under furniture, for example, or in hard-to-reach corners. This way you don’t need to replace the traps as often because the humidity can be controlled for a longer time.

Coarse salt helps get rid of excess moisture in the refrigerator:

Moisture can be found in different parts of the home. The refrigerator is often where the most moisture is. This is completely normal because the environment there is closed and at a low temperature, so there is a large presence of condensation that forms. This can be harmful to your health as mold settles on food and creates unpleasant odors in your refrigerator. There is a very effective solution for this: cut a plastic water bottle in half and put 100-150 grams of coarse salt in one of the halves. You can also add a few drops of white vinegar. Then put it in the back of the refrigerator.

Therefore, coarse salt is a very effective product against dampness and the mold that it causes. to try to adopt it.

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