Put aluminum foil on the balcony: you will get rid of this problem forever

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In addition to the beautiful view that the balcony can provide, the balcony also has a major drawback that can be solved by simple aluminum foil.

Solve this problem on your balcony with the help of aluminum foil

Well-designed, the balcony can quickly turn into a small corner of paradise, away from the bustle of the outside world. Plus, if you have a green thumb, you can create your own vegetable garden by finding a small space for it on your balcony. Practical and aesthetic, your balcony can nevertheless be invaded and deteriorated due to the appearance of some pests that do not hesitate to leave their droppings there. Got it, we’re talking about a city bath.

Keep the bathroom away from the balcony using aluminum foil

Invasive, undesirable, harmful … This is how pigeons are perceived nowadays. Being the city bird par excellence, he ended up creating a bad reputation in the city. So it is no coincidence that he is credited with the nickname “Flying Rat”. Because, This bird poses some health risks to humans By being a carrier of several diseases, not forgetting the noises and olfactory nuisances they can produce or release: cooing, flapping wings and droppings among others. And it doesn’t stop there! In fact, pigeons are a bird that loves to land everywhere when the opportunity arises. Roofs, terraces, window sills, there is nowhere to escape from, including balconies. Finding a balcony full of litter, droppings, and droppings is a real nightmare, especially when you want to sit there from time to time to take a break. So now you’re faced with a restrictive routine as well as being unkind: cleaning the balcony after every bathroom pass. Rest assured, you will no longer have to suffer from this inconvenience because there is a trick that can permanently keep pigeons away from your balcony railing: aluminum foil.

pigeon on balcony

Dove on balcony – Source: spm

How to put aluminum on the balcony to catch pigeons?

In the face of a crowd of pigeons on your balcony, nodding or yelling will be useless. No matter how hard you do it, the result is always the same: they keep coming back and every day, a little more. Your balcony and everything around it is polluted. Fortunately, you can count on this good old aluminum foil to remedy this. Aluminum is generally used in the kitchen, and it will be a formidable ally in the hunt for the bathroom that comes to rest on the railing of your balcony. Indeed, placed on the edge of the balcony, Aluminum reflects sunlight, which greatly disturbs the bathroom Because they hate everything that glitters. In addition, pigeons also hate the noise that aluminum makes when it collapses or when many of its pieces become entangled, prompting them to find a new destination.

Economical, this bathroom repellent is easy to install. Simply cut several pieces of aluminum and arrange them on your balcony ledge or railing, targeting more precisely where they used to land. And if you are short on aluminum foil, you can always opt for a workaround. In fact, you can use aluminum plates. Just as effective, place two or three on your balcony for an instant and guaranteed effect.

A piece of aluminum

A piece of aluminum – Source: spm

Thanks to this technology, pigeons will no longer be able to venture onto your railing. So you will be able to take full advantage of your balcony, without fear of its appearance at any time of the day.

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