Don’t throw away burnt out LED lights! Here’s how to fix it in minutes to make it look like new

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Learn how to restore your LED bulb without ever putting your hand in the wallet.

How does an LED bulb fit?

LED bulb repair

LED Bulb Repair – Source: spm

When the LED bulb stops working, don’t panic. You just need to bring a file Soldering iron and a piece of wire To fix it in minutes. To do this, unscrew the top of the lamp to locate the burnt-out LED that is causing the circuit to break. Note that there may be several damaged LEDs. Then take a coil and very gently lift this diode. Melt a piece of copper or tin wire by soldering it to the place where the diode is faulty. Once this process is completed, The lamp will start working again It will light up.

Please note, it is necessary to have Some concepts in welding To perform such a repair even if this type of manipulation remains relatively simple.

Why choose LED bulb?

Unlike the traditional bulb, LED bulb has many advantages. Here are a few:

LED bulb change

Changing the LED bulb – Source: spm

LED bulb consumes less energy

The LED lamp consumes about 50% less electricity than its conventional sisters, which allows Significantly reduce your energy bill Every month, especially when certain rooms require constant lighting. In addition to the lamps LED lights illuminate in a certain directionwhich avoids wasting light and therefore energy.

LED bulb lasts longer

Unlike conventional lighting, such as incandescent lighting, the diodes that make up the LED bulb do not fail so quickly, they simply deteriorate over time. When you buy a good quality LED bulb, it Life span is 30.000-50.000 hours, or even more depending on the model. while a A traditional lamp only lasts about 10,000 hours, mostly. If you occupy a space that requires multiple bulbs, the cost of maintenance is reduced with LED bulbs.

LED decorative lights

Decorative LED Bulbs – Source: spm

LED bulb is more resistant

LED bulbs are neither glass nor filament, So they hold up better Compared to traditional lamps coated with glass or quartz and can deteriorate more easily. However, there is always a risk of direct shock with LEDs, because they are mounted on a circuit board connected to soldered wires, like cell phones, for example.

LED bulb can be controlled

LED lights have a device that allows them to do this To have variable intensity in other words, dimmable LED bulbs. Its main feature lies in the fact that it adapts to the lighting needs of each of our activities. So it’s an excellent way to enjoy lighting that meets your wants and needs while reducing your energy consumption.

Therefore, LED lamps have many advantages over typical and traditional lamps. It is also very easy to repair LED lights when they are faulty or become faulty.

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