5 Things You Should Never Do When Charging Your Phone: When You Know It, It Will Stop

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You often think that you are doing the right thing by adopting certain habits to recharge your smartphone battery. But in order for the latter to last as long as possible, some gestures should be avoided.

What are the five gestures you should avoid when charging your smartphone?

Smart phone without charging

Smartphone without charging – Source: spm

If you have had a smartphone for a long time, the battery of your device may not last for long. The reasons can be multiple but it can also be due to the method you are taking Recharge your Android or iOS smartphone. for That your battery maintains good autonomy, it is necessary to take precautions and adopt certain behaviors that allow it to be maintained for a longer period. Here are the mistakes you should not make when connecting your mobile phone to charge it.

  1. Do not charge your smartphone when the battery is at 50%

battery at 50%

Battery at 50% – Source: spm

You may have done this before, but this habit needs to change. If you are worried that your cell phone battery won’t last all day, then this technique will not be of any use to you. In fact, when you turn on your smartphone for the first time when you buy it, the battery is about 40%. This is because the battery works optimally at this level of charge. To avoid changing its quality, wait until it drops to 20% or 30% to charge your smartphone and it will last all day.

  1. Don’t wait until your smartphone battery runs out completely

Mobile phone with empty battery

Mobile phone with empty battery – Source: spm

It’s a mistake to avoid waiting for your device to run out of battery to recharge. By voluntarily waiting for your smartphone to turn off on its own due to lack of battery, you will do so Significantly reduce its age. For example, a battery with 1000 to 2500 cycles can go from 300 to 500 cycles, with frequent practice of total discharge. It is recommended that you avoid fully charging and discharging your smartphone battery to maintain its autonomy. Don’t wait to reach 1% battery and recharge it once your smartphone tells you it lacks autonomy.

  1. Do not use any charger to charge your smartphone

phone with charger

Phone with truck – Source: spm

For optimal battery chargingIt is best to use the original charger that was provided to you when purchasing your device. This will be more suitable for the current of your battery, but you can also use a charger of another model or brand, but make sure that it matches the characteristics of your battery. Otherwise, you are likely to change the quality of your battery by recharging it for a longer time and reducing its life.

  1. Do not charge your smartphone on a computer

Using a computer to charge a smartphone is usually very frustrating. By recharging it on a USB port, you are disrespecting the power of your device’s battery. The USB port of a computer can only support charging at 0.5A while on average, the charger provides charging at a current of 1A.

  1. Do not use your smartphone while charging

To optimally charge your device, do not use it when connected to a power source. In fact, by doing this, you are asking him to put in more effort to give you the best performance, but when it is plugged in, It may overheat and damage the battery. The best solution is to leave it alone during the entire loading time.

Additionally, for optimum battery usage, remember not to leave your smartphone plugged in overnight to avoid power surges. When your device reaches 80%, the battery capacity is perfect and you can use the full performance of your smartphone.

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