Why are school buses yellow? Not what you think

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One of the characteristics of the school bus is its yellow color. In fact, children and adults all over the world used to associate this color with this primary means of transportation. But why is it systematically painted yellow? The reason is very simple, but above all it is far from trivial. We tell you everything.

It’s back to school, and the students are happy to be back in school. Some parents choose the school bus as a means of transportation. An opportunity to save time during peak hours but also to give children more independence by allowing them to form new connections. Let’s take advantage of this yield to evaluate one of its main properties, which is color.

Why is the school bus yellow?

Millions of students board their school buses every day without knowing the real reason behind the color of their bus. So, if your child asks you the question in the next few days, here is the simplest explanation you can give him.

The yellow color of the school bus is above all a safety issue

School bus in parking lot

School bus in parking lot – Source: spm

In 1939, Professor Frank Sir, known as the father of the yellow school bus, organized a conference that brought together teachers and bus manufacturers. During the last conference, he pointed to the blatant absence of safety measures in school transportation. It comes with the following conclusion: Yellow is one of the safest colors because it is more visible to most motorists. Either in the dark of the morning or at the beginning of the evening. So the school bus takes its famous yellow color from the American “school bus” and if it is painted this way it is only for safety reasons.

Other essential features of the school bus

Besides the yellow color, the “American” school bus is easily recognizable by its other characteristics. However, these characteristics are not present in all school transportation. Here are some examples.

black hood

School bus with black cover in an alley

School bus with black cover in an alley – Source: spm

When you come across a school bus on your way, you may have noticed the black hood and that’s not important. In fact, This color reduces dazzling reflections that can disturb the bus driver. Note that the black metal straps on the sides also have a security purpose. They absorb shock in the event of a collision with other vehicles.

The white roofs of the school bus

Students in a bus with a white roof

Students in a bus with a white roof – Source: spm

The other essential element of the school bus is its white roof. Some manufacturers adopt this color for its reflective strength. during periods of high temperature, The white color is an excellent way to reduce the interior temperature of the bus while ensuring greater passenger comfort. It seems to make the kids calmer during the flight.

Lack of seat belts on school buses

Children chatting on the school bus

Children talking inside the school bus – Source: spm

Compared to a normal car, The school bus is designed to be safer. Thus, they can better protect the passengers from external shocks. Impact forces are distributed differently for smaller vehicles. For this reason, seat belts are not always present in this type of transportation.

As you understand, the yellow color of the school bus is far from an aesthetic choice. It is above all a matter of driver and passenger safety. In addition to being easily recognizable thanks to this color, this means of transportation in addition to its many characteristics obliges motorists in the vicinity to adopt more careful driving.

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