Put soap under your sheets before bed: the amazing trick that many people do

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It may seem surprising, but this natural remedy could change your life if you suffer from muscle pain. Soap is especially used in the toilet, especially Marseille soap, and it can be much more useful than that. Explanation.

Why do you put soap under your bed sheets?

Different types of soap

Different types of soap – Source: spm

Soap, especially from Marseille, is generally used in the toilet or for the maintenance of linen but you will be surprised to discover all the other benefits of this product. In fact, Marseille soap can help you sleep and relieve muscle pain. Some people have trouble falling asleep due to frequent insomnia or physical pain, while others have trouble finding the perfect sleeping position. But with Marseille soap Insomnia will just be a bad memory and You will be able to find a master sleep. You will discover that Marseille soap has multiple properties and that it can be very useful under your sheets.

Reduce nighttime cramps with Marseille soap

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Placing a bar of soap under the sheets, specifically under your feet, can relieve nocturnal muscle cramps. Night cramps can appear suddenly and affect the quality of your sleep. Even if these spasms are short-lived, they can be very painful and prevent you from getting back to sleep peacefully. They occur when you are dehydrated, have some deficiencies, or because of intense physical exercise. Night cramps are usually due to a deficiency of intracellular potassium and one of the The secrets of making Marseille soap is potash. Thanks to the soap, you should sleep in a more calm and peaceful way because it will release potassium that nourishes the legs while you sleep. To fully feel the effects of Marseille soap, you can bring your legs closer to the soap to reduce the pain quickly.

Reducing restless leg syndrome (RLS) by putting soap under the bed

Marseille soap

Marseille soap – Source: spm

In addition to muscle aches or night cramps, you may suffer from restless leg syndrome which can make nights difficult. This syndrome causes you to move your knees and legs constantly, which may be one of the reasons for your lack of sleep. This nervous disorder results in unpleasant sensations in the legs while at rest. Symptoms often appear in the evening and at night, which can prevent you from sleeping. To treat restless leg syndrome, you can put Marseille lavender soap under your bed sheets or under your pillow. Lavender has soothing and muscle calming power Thanks to this, you can reduce cramps and fall asleep more easily. By sleeping with lavender soap, you should improve the quality of your sleep while feeling more relaxed.

To enhance the effects of classic Marseille soap or lavender soap, you can spray your bed, pillows, sheet and mattress with essential oils. This will combat unpleasant odors, regulate your sleep and relieve muscle soreness.

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