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Put baking soda in the cupboard and leave it overnight: the next day you won’t believe your eyes

Here are some tips to get rid of those smells from the inside and create a healthy atmosphere for your closet.

How do you get rid of annoying odors in your closet?

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There is nothing worse than wearing clothes that smell of mold. A cabinet that is poorly cleaned or poorly ventilated can be exposed to unpleasant odors. Here’s how to get rid of unpleasant odors in your closet with natural remedies.

Baking soda has antifungal and antibacterial properties, and is also highly absorbent. Therefore, it is very effective in combating bad odors and mold. Fill a cloth bag or bowl with the baking soda you keep open and place it in the corner of the cupboard. Leave it for a day. If the odors persist, you can leave the baking soda bag or container inside the cupboard all season. Make sure to put it in a safe place where it is not likely to fall off. Another option is to sprinkle baking soda all over the cupboard or cupboard and leave it on for a couple of days before wiping off the excess. You can also add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice to the white powder to impregnate your clothes with a soft, fluffy scent.

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Other ways to get rid of unpleasant odors in the closet

Other options are available to you to absorb unpleasant odors that are still present in cupboards and cupboards. Eliminate unpleasant odors with these ingredients that you may have in the house.

Rice is known to absorb moisture. If your clothes are not dried well before returning them to your closet, it can cause moisture to form and the stench can quickly settle in your closet. Rice can also be used as an air freshener to remove sweat odors if you add a few drops of essential oil to it depending on your favorite scent such as lavender, eucalyptus, or thyme. Take a cup of rice (preferably white rice). Then mix the rice in a bowl with 15 to 20 drops of the essential oil. Then cover the bowl with a thin piece of cloth or cotton, which you will secure with a rubber band. Then put the rice bowl in the back of your cupboard, so it’s not easy to reach. It is necessary to renew the operation after a few months.

The vinegar in your pantry is not only effective for washing white clothes and sanitizing your home, but it can also be used to effectively clean your pantry. Soak a rag in white vinegar and clean the inside of your closet. Then let it dry for a few hours before storing your clothes in it. You can also add lemon to vinegar for a better scent.

Ground coffee can also be used to deodorize your wardrobe and remove stubborn tobacco odors, for example. All you have to do is put some in a cloth bag that you will put inside your closet.

How do you organize storage in your closet?

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Start by emptying your closet first, then clean and disinfect the closet surface. Walls and shelves should be cleaned, cleaned, and then dried. Feel free to brush with a brush to absorb the dust in the corners.

Before storing your clothes, it is useful to separate them by category, frequency of use, color, material, etc. You can then start organizing your closet by getting some fabric storage boxes or bins that allow you to organize clothes by size and category. For example, separate pants from polo shirts and long-sleeved polo shirts from short-sleeved shirts. You can also store winter clothes in these boxes during the summer and vice versa. If you put these storage boxes at the bottom of your closet, you can put your shoes on them.

These tips will make it easier for you to clean out your closet and organize your closet by keeping it tidy.

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