Peeing in the shower is a very bad idea: Here’s why. Few people know

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Flushing from the bathroom can make us want to pee. This habit should be avoided, especially in women, and here is the main reason.

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Stream water from shower – Source: spm

Why is it not recommended to urinate in the bathroom?

Alicia Jeffrey Thomas, an American physiotherapist, warns of the dangers of urinating in the shower, in a video on her TikTok account.

According to her, peeing in the shower can lead to a risk of urine leakage over time. In fact, when we pee while the water is running in the bathroom, Our brain can associate urination with the flow of water. Thus, the latter; It may lead to the urge to urinate every time you hear the sound of running water. It is a mechanism that our brain develops. Moreover, this association is more dangerous for people who are getting older pelvic floor problems develop, Thus you find it more difficult to back off in the face of craving. Then the risk of urinary leakage increases, Every time a person hears running water.

Recommended by a physiotherapist stop the flow of water, before going to the toilet, To avoid any connection to the brain.

woman taking a shower

Woman taking a shower – Source: spm

On the other hand, this gesture is not particularly desirable for women, because Their anatomy was not adapted to this method of urination. In fact, while standing, the pelvic floor or perineum cannot relax as they should, The bladder does not empty completely. In fact, the perineum can fully relax only in a squatting position.

Also, if the bladder does not empty completely, This can cause urinary tract infections. If the urge to urinate is irrepressible, a physiotherapist advises women Squat and do not urinate standing up.

Note, however, that it is not recommended to refrain from urination, as this can have serious consequences if urination becomes a habit.

Why is it not recommended to refrain from urinating?

Urine contains water, but also Waste that the body needs to empty out. When we refrain from urinating, the urine stagnates, and this is how Bacteria accumulate in the bladder, Resulting in a urinary tract infection is also called cystitis. Cystitis mainly affects women and leads, among other things, to abdominal pain and burning during urination.

Restricting urination can also lead to formation of kidney stones; These stones of varying sizes are made of mineral salts and accumulate in the kidneys, bladder or urethra, causing severe pain.

Urinary retention, can also lead to more serious consequences It is the vesicoureteral reflux. This disease occurs when urine flows back into the urethra and kidneys, rather than being expelled.

Finally, avoid urinating standing up so that your brain does not associate the flow of water with the need to urinate, but also to prevent the risk of urinary tract infections that this may cause.

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