More and more frizzy hair: 6 factors involved and tips to prevent it

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No matter your hair type, everyone can find themselves fighting frizz in the heat and humidity. Once you know the causes of frizzy hair, you can take simple steps to prevent it.

There is no one simple trick to straightening flyaway hair – there are many ways to keep your hair straight. We’ve rounded up the main causes of frizzy, unmanageable hair, as well as some helpful hair care tips to make sure your style stays smooth and defined.

Why is my hair so curly?

It’s a combination of two things: humid or hot weather and how wet your hair is at first.

The main cause of frizz is the lack of moisture in your hair. This causes your hair to seek and absorb moisture from the air, causing frizz—which is also why humidity can make frizz worse.

Here are six reasons why your hair is so frizzy, along with simple steps you can take to ensure complete frizz control.

What causes frizzy hair?

1. Rough dry towel

Although you may think it’s better to towel dry your hair than use a blow dryer, wrapping your hair in an abrasive bath towel can pull the oils out of your hair, causing it to become frizzy. Instead, try a microfiber towel or braid your damp hair and let it air dry overnight to wake up to gorgeous, heat-free waves.

2. Over brush

Combing your hair can cause it to break, and when you have brittle lengths and split ends, your hair is more prone to frizz. If you need a serum to mask the look of split ends and repel moisture for a smooth, silky finish, the bestselling John Frieda Originals Serum is the perfect product for taming flyaway hair.

3. Do not use thermal protection

Frequent use of hot styling tools can rob hair of its natural moisture, resulting in dry, damaged strands that are prone to frizz. Always be sure to use a heat protectant to help prevent damage.

We’ve also rounded up some tips for restoring frizzy, heat-damaged hair for anyone with naturally curly hair.

4. Wash your hair with warm water

While taking a hot shower can be relaxing, it does not serve your hair or scalp. Washing hair with hot water strips your scalp and hair of the natural oils that keep your hair moisturized and shiny, and this lack of moisture leads to more frizz. It’s an easy fix – just turn down the temperature when you wash your hair.

5. Split ends

Split ends are very prone to wrinkling and the longer you leave it on, the worse it will get. We recommend using regular trims to avoid dry ends – however, if it is not possible to visit the hairdresser, use a serum.

6. Humidity

Humidity is a major cause of frizz – In humid weather, the cortex of your hair becomes rough and open to absorb moisture from the moisture. Very dry hair becomes frizzy when the outer layer of hair absorbs moisture from the surrounding air.

Although it is impossible to control the level of moisture in the air, the right products can protect your hair.

Do some people experience natural curly hair?

Yes, naturally curly hair is more prone to frizz because the natural oils produced by the scalp cannot travel along the hair shaft as well as into smooth hair. Curly or wavy hair is therefore prone to natural frizz.
Smooth hair can also frizz, but it can only be noticed if the hair is dry and damaged or hot and humid outside.

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