How to get clothes out of the dryer without wrinkling? You won’t need to iron it anymore

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Many people prefer not to iron their clothes to save time and effort. The good news is that You don’t have to do such a chore to remove wrinkles.

Men's wrinkled shirt

Men’s wrinkled shirt – Source: spm

How do wrinkled clothes come out of the dryer?

For wrinkle-free clothes, be sure to check the label first to see if it’s safe to put them in the dryer. All you have to do after that is put your things in the drying basin Then add 4 to 5 ice cubes Pre-activate the drying program for 10 to 15 minutes. The steam they give off will help your laundry. At the end of this period, gently remove your clothes, which should be free of blemishes.

ice Cube

Ice cubes – Source: spm

Other creative ways to remove wrinkles from your clothes without using an iron

The first technique shows that you don’t need an iron to get smooth items. Here are other equally interesting techniques for removing wrinkles from jeans, jackets and T-shirts without using an iron:

Put the clothes in the dryer

Putting wrinkled shirts and pants in the dryer may be quite enough. Put your textiles into the machine Plus a damp but not soggy towel To create a steam that removes wrinkles. Then run your machine at high altitude for 10 minutes and remove the items once the cycle is over before they wrinkle again. They will finally be ready to wear or hang one of your ties.

Use a hair dryer to remove wrinkles from your clothes

The hair dryer trick is great when you don’t have a lot of drying options. And for good reason, it can do miracles with just a few quick and simple steps. to follow them, Put the wrinkled item on a hanger Moisten the affected parts with a little bottled water, avoiding tap water. By focusing on the most wrinkled areas of the garment, approach the hair dryer to last without getting too close, and you’re done.

Use a hair straightener to straighten your clothes

hair straightener

Hair straightener – Source: spm

Like a hair dryer, a straightener is an excellent alternative to an iron because it is more convenient for it Take care of small areas such as small gaps between buttons, cuffs, or collars.

Before starting the smoothing process, first check that the instrument panels are free of dirt or product. If so, clean it up With rubbing alcohol before use.

To smooth your articles, it is then necessary to consider the type of fabric before Choose the correct temperature setting. Thus we will choose a lower temperature if we want to iron silk and delicate fabrics and a warmer temperature for thicker fabrics.

Create an anti-wrinkle spray to soften your clothes

While there are anti-wrinkle sprays on the market, you can make your own because the necessary ingredients are probably already in the house. To do this, make a mixture consisting of A cup of distilled water and a teaspoon of liquid fabric softener. If you want the liquid to evaporate faster, adding rubbing alcohol is a good idea. Stir well and then pour into a spray bottle before serving.

Keep in mind that you should apply these tips with caution and refer to the label on your clothing before trying them on.

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