How do you clean the washing machine? Add this simple ingredient and you will save a lot of money

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To prevent high electric bills, simply use this natural ingredient before doing your next wash.

The natural ingredient you use in your washing machine to lower your electric bills

If you can’t control your electricity bills, it’s because one of your household appliances consumes a lot of energy, in this case, your washing machine. In this case, several factors are taken into account, namely: the model of the washing machine, its power class, and the frequency of its use.

In addition, with daily use, limescale deposits form in the washing machine. In fact, once the water is heated, a portion of the limestone solidifies to form a white sediment in the washing machine tubes, in this case we’re talking about scale. The buildup of the latter can affect the proper functioning of your household appliances. And therefore , The lime washer consumes more energyWhich undoubtedly affects the electricity bills. Hence the need to remove it before washing. How ? Thanks to a well-proven ingredient: white vinegar.

victim of lime washer

Washing machine victim of limestone – Source: spm

Baking soda for washing machine descaling

It is a component that needs no introduction. In fact, baking soda has become a must in the eyes of everyone, and more specifically, fans of environmental solutions in terms of home maintenance. The white powder is known for its descaling and disinfecting properties Favorite Ingredients Descaling from washing machine. Absolutely unlike chemicals, their use can damage the surface and components of your device. To remove limescale from your washing machine, you can choose the dual formula of baking soda and white vinegar by following these instructions:

  • Pour a cup of baking soda into the washing machine drum;
  • Run the machine empty at 90 degrees for a minute or two, then turn it off and wait for an hour;
  • Turn the machine back on again, this time pouring a liter of white vinegar into the softener compartment;
  • firing a new rotation at 90 degrees to get rid of all remaining residues;
  • Remove stubborn residue from the corners of the device with a microfiber cloth moistened with white vinegar;
  • Finally, rinse and dry it with a clean cloth.

White vinegar to maintain your washing machine

It is also recommended thatMaintain your washing machine regularly And more specifically all the other elements that make it up, in particular the filters. This procedure should be carried out, ideally, every three months. For this, white vinegar is your best ally.

To do this, just follow step by step and as follows:

  • first stop the water supply;
  • remove the tube connected to the same water inlet;
  • Scrub the filters with a brush moistened with white vinegar;
  • Finally, put each item in its place.

By regularly removing covered sediment and debris, you will avoid the breakdowns and leaks that your washer may suffer from.

washing machine maintenance

Washing machine maintenance – Source: spm

By removing scale from your washing machine and maintaining it regularly, you will not only extend the life of your washing machine, but you will also make significant savings on future electric bills.

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