Add this ingredient to your ironing water and your clothes will smell great

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Scented ironing water, also called linen water, allows you to scent your clothes and home linens to add a touch of pleasure and a soothing scent when ironing. Here’s how to do it.

ironing water

Ironing Water – Source: spm

What ingredient do you add to iron water to perfume your clothes?

The ingredient in question is none other than rose water. Nice smell Do not just delight the senses Because it is also excellent for ironing shirt collars. Add 10 drops of rose water essential oil to two cups of distilled water and then pour it into the water in the iron to embalm your clothes.

A jug full of rose water and its petals

A jug filled with rose water and its petals – Source: spm

Perfuming your clothes also requires high-quality ironing, so also remember to maintain the iron properly by cleaning the iron board of your appliance. To do this, soak a sponge in a component solution 1 cup warm white vinegar and 1 tablespoon coarse salt.

Perfume your clothes with other techniques

You can also embalm your clothes using other techniques by adding rose water or another floral water that suits you best to the ironing water.

what do you need:

  • spray bottle
  • Rose essential oil
  • distilled water

To get started, pour distilled water into the sprayer and then add 5 drops of rose essential oil or any oil of your choice. Among the essential oils, you can for example choose Those containing lemon, lavender or mint that will naturally scent fabrics.

Close the sprayer and shake vigorously to mix all the ingredients. Then put the container in the refrigerator and leave the product for 30 minutes or more. When you want to use ironing water, Spray it directly on the laundry before ironing.

What is an alternative to water ironing to make your clothes smell good?

You can make your own washing spray If you do not want to use ironing water So there is an interesting alternative. Therefore, it is recommended to wash your clothes regularly and mix the detergent with scented oils such as rose water, citrus or eucalyptus.

Also, be careful not to keep the clothes for a long time in the laundry basket after washing. Also clean your washing machine regularly because if it is not maintained, this is one of the main causes of unpleasant laundry smell. To do this, make use of white vinegar by pouring it into the detergent drawer and activating a vacuum wash cycle at a high temperature.

Add white vinegar to the detergent drawer of the washing machine

Adding white vinegar to the detergent drawer of your washing machine – Source: spm

How do you keep your clothes fresh after drying them?

Here again, it is necessary to follow the correct gestures so that your clothes remain fresh for a long time. Make sure your items are completely dry before placing them in the closet. To do this, get in the habit of putting essential oils in your dryer. And well preserved. Of course, drying your laundry outdoors is an unbeatable gesture if you want to get clothes free of any factor responsible for bad odors.

As for scented water, note that it’s not only great for clothes but also helps you smell good without having to use your favorite perfume.

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