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Balayage on black hair

We have 30 trendy black hair ideas for you to browse and get inspired.

Dark hair is a statement, but if you want to add dimension to it, smoothing out your dark hair will become the change you’ve always dreamed of. The first question asked by dark-haired women who want to highlight their locks is whether balayage is possible on dark hair. The best colorists say yes!

This technique transforms flat dark hair into thick, high dimensional hair, giving women of any age a modern and elegant look. It will give personality to your hair!

Chocolate brown balayage on dark hair.

When choosing a dark balayage color with a preference for subtle solutions, opt for a chocolate brown balayage that provides the glossy, glossy look. This way you’ll stay on the safe side and always make a statement!

Balayage is light brown on black hair.

This look is perfect for those who want to add a touch of lightness without changing their overall color. It will also give you a feeling of vitality and youth. Perfect for any season!

Platinum blonde on black hair.

Platinum is a great option for those who want to play with lighter shades of blond. This bold and deep color will showcase your fashion sense and make you stand out.

Auburn balayage on short black hair.

Auburn is a great shade to try if you fancy fiery tones. This will instantly pack a punch that will bring out your personality. This hairstyle can be supplemented with a sharp lob, which makes it look even more daring.

Burgundy Balayage on black hair.
Want to play with juicy ringtones? Try this beautiful combination of burgundy and purple. It will look especially great on hair with shiny waves!

Balayage blond gray on black hair.
Balayage Ash Blonde can still make an instant statement because the ultra-fine highlights are well defined but not overpowering.

Balayage cocoa brown on black locks.
The warm brown balayage stands out with its rich color and glossy beachy finish. Dimension offers a magazine-worthy look. Worth a try!

Balayage on medium black hair.

Balayage on dark hair does not have to look very natural. Sometimes it can be very dissimilar and therefore noticeable. Try using lighter shades with your dark base and enjoy the dimension and mix of warm and cool tones.

Cherry Cola Balayage for dark brunettes.

The Balayage-ombre hairstyle is a great way to add movement to your wavy hairstyle. This technique is ideal for creating the perfect combination of dark and light shades. And the color is awesome!

Metallic caramel balayage on black hair.
The sweet caramel flavors on black hair blend together to create gorgeous color with added shine. It blends well with your natural hair color and gives your locks a more subtle and sophisticated look.

Ash-brown Balayage Tips.

If you have dark hair and want subtle cool-toned tresses, this is the solution for you! You can use balayage to add natural hints of ash and brown to your black hair. It is incredibly attractive and low maintenance.

Light ash sweep.

Use ash tones to keep your hair looking fresh while enhancing its natural color. Ombre can look a bit old school so taking the idea of ​​an ombre and doing it in the form of balayage like in this picture is your best bet.

We hope that our 10 suggestions will be useful to you. If you like these Balayage models, share it with your friends.

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