A mother gives birth to twins of different colours. How can this happen?

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The birth of these twins is surprising


Twins – Source: spm

This amazing story moved the web. In fact, Chantelle Broughton’s mom is 29 years old I witnessed an amazing event. This English woman gave birth to healthy twins, but they were born A very rare feature. Her two children were born with a different skin color. One with lighter skin and the other darker. This difference surprised so many people that he was asked if they were really his children.

How were these twins born with this very rare difference?

Twins with their mother

Twins with their mother – Source: spm

Chantelle explains that she is of mixed race with her mother’s Nigerian grandfather and that the father of her children is half Jamaican and Scottish. In her testimony, the young mother of three said that when she was born, she did not notice any significant differences between the two children. But after a few weeks, she noticed that her daughter’s skin had become darker and darker. This feature makes me very happy Young parents who think it makes their family unique.

Passers-by are amazed at the difference between the twins

twins 1

Twins – Source: spm

Chantelle says she attracts a lot of attention when she walks with her twins. Passers-by are surprised when they notice the difference between the two children and do not hesitate To make notes for the mother. People often interrupt her to see if the children have the same father for example and are surprised to hear the answer. The most curious ask rather intrusive questions about the origin of the children and the others are only happy for the mother.

A very rare case of twins

Chantelle’s case is somewhat innocuous but not unique. According to Doctissimo, a child’s skin color depends on ethnicity. However, the physical characteristics of a child can be determined by a number of factors. The complexion of the skin is due to a genetic effect because it depends on the amount of melanin that the body is made of. The color of a child’s skin depends on the amount of prevalent melanin present in the cells of his parents. This is why it is also possible for dark-skinned parents to welcome fair-skinned children and vice versa.

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