22 photos: simple and quick hairstyle for short hair

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It can be very easy to start wearing our hair the same way every day. Whether someone prefers to leave their hair down, pull it back in a ponytail, or throw it in a bun, many of us have the transition style. And when someone has short hair, it can be difficult to try unique styles. However, even women with short hair have plenty of cute hairstyle options, and many of them aren’t difficult or time consuming at all! So we’ve rounded up some quick and easy short hairstyles that are absolutely doable for busy women.

Hair clips and bobby pins can also be a lifesaver when someone is dying to keep their hair out of their face. And speaking of hair clips, there are so many different designs that can make a fashion statement on their own!

There are also different types of braids that are worked on short hair. French braids and waterfall braids can be very cute.


Sometimes a simple hair accessory is the key to transforming our everyday look. Scarves, ribbons, flowers and even sequins are all fun ways to add color and style to our hair.


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